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December 30, 2020

ROB STEWART DEC 28 1979 – JAN 31 2017

Today we remember Rob Stewart, founder of United Conservationists and the Fin Free movement. We are so grateful for the work you did in your lifetime in saving sharks and the oceans—and teaching us to live in harmony with nature.

We promise your work and your mission continues through all of us. United Conservationists and its Fin Free movement that you created have remained active, and we have also founded the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation.

Together we created the “Save Sharks” PSAs seen by over 2 million people. Other successes include:

·       Canada has banned the shark fin trade

·       Florida and New Jersey have banned the shark fin trade

·       California has banned drift nets

·       CITES has added protections for Makos

·       The US Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act passed the House a year ago, and we continue to fight for its final vote in the Senate

We’ve presented your film and message to the United Nations and European Commission as well countries around the world including the UK, Russia, China, Hong Kong, South America, Central America, US, Middle East and Africa.  Educational materials are available free across the world and your films are available in translated languages, free for educational use.

You were right—people will do the right thing, when they understand the issues.

The Sharkwater vessel continues to patrol and research the eastern Pacific, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and provide a filming platform for new shows and films that will provide more shark awareness and more impact.  Millions more square miles of marine protected areas have been created or added since Sharkwater, and more since your death.

We cannot thank you enough for your impact and never-ending drive to save sharks, the oceans and all of us.

We will miss you forever and your mission continues through all of us.

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Fin Free

#FinFree is an inspiring movement for protecting #sharks by eliminating the demand for shark fins.