Rob Stewart: Fighting For Life Is The Coolest Thing In The World

Fin Free
January 1, 2021

“A rare gift to the oceans and the world. There was no one like Rob and his loss is profound. He has inspired a whole generation of young people, many of whom will go on and amplify Rob’s work. I’ve always said, no movement should be utterly dependent on one or two individuals, but of course it takes one or two charismatic individuals to start a movement in the first place, and Rob was it.” – DAVID SUZUKI

Rob Stewart Dec 28 1979 – Jan 31 2017

Biologist, Activist, Author, Filmmaker

Rob Stewart taught the world not to fear sharks, but to love them as he did. His films — Sharkwater, Revolution and Sharkwater Extinction—are global award-winners that have brought positive change for the oceans and sharks. Sharkwater inspired countries to ban shark finning. Hundreds of shark conservation groups were created. Shark fin soup has been banned at numerous restaurants and theme parks and the Chinese government no longer serves it at their banquets.

Revolution was the first feature film to alert the world to the catastrophic effects of Ocean Acidification from carbon emissions caused by burning fossil fuels.

Sharkwater Extinction launched the Shark Free movement.  150 million sharks continue to be killed each year, and not just for shark fin soup.  Sharks are now in products for human consumption, including cosmetics.  Footage from the film led the California Drift Net Ban.

Rob, we will miss you forever, but your mission continues through all of us.

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