Facebook Live with Julie Andersen on November 22nd

Dustin Titus
November 9, 2016

We are happy to officially announce Julie Andersen as our next Live Stream special guest!

Julie Shark Angel

The Live Stream will be at 7:00pm EST on Tuesday November 29th on the @finfree Facebook Page. We will be hosting a special Google Hangout with Julie after the Live Stream with all donors! They will have a chance to speak with Julie one-on-one and and ask her any questions live through video chat!

Diving from a young age, Julie is a lifelong shark lover and has 'come from a family of mermaids'. She is the founder of Shark Angels, Shark Savers and United Conservationists, and worked with Rob Stewart to create the #FinFree movement.

"I have always been drawn to the shark’s watery world. Their stunning grace, power and undeniable presence have mesmerized me since we first met. Breathlessly gazing into the eyes of the animal I was taught to fear, I saw life – not a cold, cruel stare. These fascinating creatures exemplify all that is beautiful and perfect on this planet. The extraordinary power of nature. A vital reminder of what we must respect and protect."

Her dedication to protecting the sharks has led her to become one of the most incredible and inspiring grassroots activists.

To join the Live Stream, log onto the FinFree Facebook Page at 7:00pm EST on Tuesday, November 29. We will provide a link to the Chat on our Facebook page.

For a chance to join the Google Hangout with Julie Andersen, Donate Now.

Written By:

Dustin Titus

Managing Director and Conservation Enthusiast. Dustin manages United Conservationists by night and and builds Fin Free by Day.