'47 Meters Down' Just Another Shark Movie...

Fin Free
April 25, 2017

With two young sisters trapped in the ocean while being hunted by a 'murderous' shark, 47 Meters Down holds true to Hollywood's typical shark thriller formula.

47 Feet Down

Year after year the film industry produces movies about 'bloodthirsty' sharks savagely hunting unsuspecting victims. They aim to thrill and they aim to scare.

But what the film industry doesn't show us is the beautiful and gentle nature of most sharks. That 97% of the 500+ species of sharks are completely HARMLESS to humans. And that more people DIE per year by choking on hot dogs than from shark attacks.

What they don't tell you is that our oceans are dying because of overfishing, bycatch and shark finning.

Star of 47 Meters Down, Mandy Moore knows how harmful these films can be,

Jaws ruins it for everybody. I grew up in Florida going to the beach and I’ve been terrified of going into the water as long as I can remember"

If we continue to characterize sharks as merciless killers, how could we possible care enough to save them from extinction? The first step towards saving our oceans is eliminating this negative stigma.

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