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Vegan Hippie Chick Film Screening: Sharkwater Extinction

February 01, 2020
Church of Truth, Victoria, BC, Canada
Join us for an epic evening of the award winning film Sharkwater Extinction by Rob Stewart, guest speakers, vegan appies & goodie bags!

Screening Location:

Church of Truth
111 Superior St.
Victoria, BC, Canada

The Event:

We are thrilled to celebrate our first ever documentary screening: Sharkwater Extinction, this film highlights the greatest threats to shark populations across the globe. This February, we are raising awareness about unsustainable fishing. Sharkwater: Extinction is an engaging film that exposes the shark finning industry and the political corruption behind it. The catastrophic effects that humanity has had on remote underwater locations are also revealed in this film. Sharks are often labelled by the media to be 'man-eating' monsters, when in fact, humans are posing the greatest threat to their existence (not the other way around).

More Info:

For information about the film visit:

A portion of the ticket sales will go to the Rob Stewart Foundation and Sea Shepherd (Operation Apex Harmony... to end shark killing programs) the rest will go towards future VHC screening events. More info can be found about their causes here:

The Causes:

Event Schedule:

6-7pm: Meet and greet. Guest speakers. Vegan appies. Goodie Bags.

7-8:30 Film screening (running time: 1hr 25min)

8:30-10pm: Guest speakers and Q&A



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