Our goal is to share our love for Earth's oceans and marine life by offering quality, highly detailed, nautical themed jewelry.

Stuart King Brown
Carpe Diem! Life won't wait, so do it today! Live. Love. Enjoy.

Tfcr πŸ›€ #TubFactoryCostaRica
FabricaciΓ³n y acabado en fibra de vidrio de jacuzzis, pilas, y mΓ‘s. πŸ›πŸ›€πŸ›πŸ›€ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· #TubFactoryCostaRica #DondeLaCalidadEsMejorQueElPrecio #506Jacuzzis

Yolanda Jade
hallelujah, bovay, alabama

Drawing Wisdom
Collaboration with @Hellocoolworld We make films, launch campaigns, hold workshops & create teaching resources. All designed to celebrate Indigenous resilience.

Nisha Moone
Hello, I'm Nisha, a #whaleshark. I'm 50 ft long and weight about 47000 pounds. Despite my name and size I'm very friendly and love to play. #letmehugyou

Louise Scanlon
Veterinary Student at The University of Nottingham

Rhyming shark tips
The only Twitter account for shark tips that rhyme

Hello Cool World
We're Impact Producers and social brand designers for good causes. Behind, @towardtheheart @corporationfilm, @65_Redroses+ more!

in this house we love and respect scientifically accurate dinosaurs

Alina Wieczorek
Marine Biologist, interested in #microplastics, #ecology and #scicomm. Based in @NUIGalway. Passionate swimmer, surfer, snorkeler and doglover

Sofia Monica Erlien-Cerullo
Socially awkward but when comfortable I become FABULOUS! Adopted by 2 amazing radical mommies. Drag is life. Animals over people. Hate sucks SPREAD LOVE 🌈❀️

Jamie Hicks
Marine Scientist for SA Marine Parks. Research interests in BRUVS, Elasmobranchs, Marine biodiversity and Ecophysiology. (All views are own)

Chris Furness
Drummer. Lyricist. Hit me up at if you're in need of either 😁 Fighting the good fight for shark & marine conservation 🦈πŸ’ͺ

erin colon
Weather forecast for tonight: dark. George Carlin