Asad Hussain
Like bone cut, like horn polished. Like jade carved, like stone ground.

Hernán Ruiz Lopera
Eligiendo la vida. Adorador de Jormar en @SalvCarisma y de la Barba en la NBA

Thea Woods
Mom author screenwriter director ocean-lover mystic truth teller. Weakness: chocolate. I hope to inspire your conscious journey & empower your self-discovery.

Ronald H Goss
serving Almighty God and those less fortunate untill Jesus Christ comes back.

Jonathan Emmett
Christian. Anglo-Indian. Ph.D Student. Marine Biologist. Gunner. PADI Divemaster. Amateur Ukulelist. Stand-Up Paddle hobbyist. Tech Enthusiast. #AllThingsOcean

Ocean Chicks
Be a superhero for the oceans!

Most people are either uninformed, uneducated, or unbothered by the problems in our world🌎✊🏻

Ed D
Dad, sound editor, cyclist, photographer, musician, willing participant in the *game* of Life...

Michael F Dombrowski, Dpt
TPI Certified Expert; Residency Trained Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist (Muscle Energy, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobs/Manips, ART, PNF, Kinesio Taping).

molly welch
community health student sales associate