Phantom Divers
Mayan Riviera PADi dive center. Daily scuba diving trips - Scuba dive packages - Caves, shark dives, whale sharks and peace and fun!!

Greenpeace Aus Pac
Positive change through environmental action. @jamie_ling and @rashini_s tweeting for a green and peaceful future.

Revolution Movie
From film-maker, @teamsharkwater, #revolutionmovie is a story about the evolution of life on earth and the revolution needed to save it. #savethehumans

Just me, a transplant from Africa, living in Canada, trying to get through the days and stay sane

Save Our Seas
In the effort to protect our oceans, we fund & support research, conservation & education projects worldwide, focusing on threatened wildlife & their habitats.

Annie Guttridge
As a shark fanatic my fascination with sharks dates back to my childhood... Wife to @DrGuttridge and part of the official @SharkWeek & @BiminiSharklab family đź’™

Sara Keltie
Masters in Antarctic Science, marine zoologist and environmental activist. Antarctic girl at heart, currently live on a coral cay on the GBR. Tweets are my own.

Maja Zonjić
Documentary photographer & filmmaker
PhD Candidate Film & Human Geography

Monterey Aquarium
The Monterey Bay Aquarium is your window to the wonders of the ocean. It’s home to sea otters, penguins, sharks, jellies and thousands of other marine animals.

Acid Test Movie
#Watch the award winning short #documentary #AcidTest: The #GlobalChallenge of #OceanAcidification and become part of the solution.

Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd Global is a non-profit marine conservation organisation committed to DEFEND, CONSERVE and PROTECT the world's oceans.

Fin Free is a grassroots, community-oriented campaign providing tools and resources to the public to make a stand for sharks! #FinFree #FinFreeAus

Distributing Nature

Shark Angels
We are a network of guardian angels to help protect and save sharks... but we need your help. Join us and together we can make a difference in saving sharks.

Uc Revolution
Follow UC's new twitter account @U_Conservation for all future updates!

Brenda Robinson
Love travel, animals and nature. Want to see "peace" in the world, and more kindness of people towards one another, the animals and the environment.

Sharkwater Extinction
A thrilling new movie that follows award winning filmmaker Rob Stewart as he exposes the massive illegal shark fin industry. In theatres starting October 5!

Elissa Sursara
Conservationist, plant-based. @EarthHour, @1percentftp & @WildWarriors ambassador. Working toward a masters in conservation biology. Instagram @ElissaSursara

Kirsten Fenton
Born in Toronto, Canada. Living in Chicago. Pescatarian. Environmentalist. Human/Animal Rights Advocate. Photographer. Writer.