Cora-May ☥
Widow. 🙁 Mother of fluffy doggos. 🐕 Overwatch League fan. #OWL2018 #AcesHigh OW support main. 💉 Rambling idiot. 😎

Christina Rosch
Engineer, Scientist-to-be, passionate Scuba Diver, nature lover

Philip Hogg
British by design, Canadian by choice, Evertonian at birth! 501st. Air traffic controller. Liverpool UK to Toronto Canada

Kenny Lee Taylor
HFMS Sci Teacher (27 yrs) DCL (Gold)- WDW AP - ECEA Hall of Fame - KTM rider - Blueberry Farmer - Love to see the amazing things kids do, our future is bright

Animal Friends Cairns
Pets are people. Cat, dog, guinea pig, rat, chicken, duck... Lost and found, animal rights. Green. Partner of @Animal_Network RT≠endorsement, Follow back

Ella Saves The Ocean
8 year old who loves the planet and all it's creatures. On a mission to help save the ocean!! Time is running out! Extinction is forever!!

Juan Pablo Fernandez Vallejos
Curioso, creativo, divertido, oscuro, existencialista, febril, enamoradizo, lunático. Capitán de barcos que naufragan, Piloto espacial de naves que nunca vuelven. Living free living well. Bodhisattva en el camino medio del amor. A Beatle guy in every sens

hockey, mma, pro wrasslin, cars, and craft beer