Take the Pledge

By taking the pledge, you commit to:

  • Never consuming or purchasing shark products.
  • Avoiding restaurants that have shark fin soup or other shark dishes on the menu
  • Refusing to support businesses that sell shark products including meat, fins, jaws, teeth, cartilage, gill rakers, and squalene oil
  • If encountering a retailer selling shark, to raise the issue with them in a positive and encouraging manner, and to make the reasons for my lack of support known to the managers from a positive, balanced perspective.
  • Developing a voice on the issue in my community. I will spread awareness, online and/or offline, sharing knowledge on shark conservation, their true behaviours, their importance to the environment, and their plight.
  • Not targeting any specific culture, ethnicity or race, but rather, how we can work together on the conservation issue itself, to protect our life support system. I understand that shark finning and consumption of shark is a global issue with global consequences.
  • Encouraging my friends and family to take this pledge, and supporting them in upholding it.

"I Pledge to go FinFree"

Goal: 5,000

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Take the Pledge