Hendrik Wege
Hendrik Wege

Save the sharks in the North sea and baltic sea

Goal: $2,000.00

Yes, shark species swim around in the Baltic Sea and North Sea - and according to researchers, this is bad news. Specifically, it is about the spiny dogfish and the dog shark, as well as nail rays, star rays, stingrays and smooth rays. Rays belong to the family of sharks.

Scientists from the University of Hamburg have investigated on behalf of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, how are the stocks of species. The realization of the study: pretty bad.

What about the different species?

The common stingrays and the smooth rays are extinct or lost in German marine areas.

Snails, porbeagle sharks, large-spotted dogfish, basking sharks and spiny dogfish are threatened with extinction.

Dog shark and star skate are endangered to varying degrees.

The only species whose stock is not threatened is the spotted dogfish. Also sometimes in the North Sea as a guest, but only in summer: the blue shark and the shortfin mako.

What are the reasons for the species fading?

Above all, the researchers state that they are fishing and climate change. For the first time, they compared historical stocks with current data - for the period from 1625 to 2015.

In particular, the spiny dogfish is often caught in German seas - from its smoked belly, the fish specialty Schillerlocke (belly flaps from the dogfish) is produced.

Other methods of fishing will disturb the seabed. However, many species of sharks and rays feed on creatures that live in the soil.

At the same time, climate change is causing changed sea conditions, more and more pollutants are getting into the sea.

Save the sharks in the North sea and baltic sea