Host a Sharkwater Screening

Hosting a screening event is simple and engaging way to raise awareness about FinFree in your community. Here is what you need to know to host your screening:

Get a copy of Sharkwater

You may screen Sharkwater for FREE for educational, not for profit events. United Conservationists (UC) is offering Sharkwater DVDs in eco-sleeves to FinFree supporters for a $10 donation plus $5 shipping and handling (USD). Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. Canadian and UK versions available only. To order, contact us.


D.T.L (Date, Time, Location)

Find a venue that will accommodate the size of audience you expect. Check local theatres, community centers, libraries, church halls, schools and even restaurants, hotels or galleries that have meeting and event spaces. Pick a time and date that best suits your audience. The venue may be able to suggest times and days that are popular, and be considerate when scheduling times for screenings with kids.

Create a screening event here on FinFree

To increase exposure, you should consider posting your event here on the Sharkwater Community Screening calendar.

Gather your tools & resources

Download copies of the Fin Free Pledge. Download Sharkwater Event Discussion Topics for pre- and post-screening dialogue. If you have sponsors, check to see if they want their logo on the poster – you can easily add it on before photocopying.

Get the word out!

Every great movie needs an audience – so invite yours! You can start a Facebook Event page or tweet about it, phone your friends or Evite them! Also, tell your local media:, write up a short press release to get the word out further and distribute, describing why Fin Free is important to you. Here’s a guide to writing a press release.

Managing costs & fundraising

If there is a fee charged for renting the theatre or venue you may be able to talk to local businesses/organizations/companies about sponsoring the event or giving a donation to cover the costs Sometimes charging an admission is a great way to raise funds! While Sharkwater is granted for screenings free of charge, any donations towards FinFree™ are greatly appreciated. Contributions may be made here.

Tips for the Event

Prior to the film starting, take the opportunity to welcome the audience. Share with them why this film is important to you and point out that they can help and get involved by signing the FinFree pledge, and by getting more information on the website. To encourage a dialogue with your audience, download our Sharkwater Event Discussion Topics and other fact sheets that you can hand out. And remember, enjoy yourself! We hope you have a successful event!

Host a Sharkwater Screening
Host a Sharkwater Screening