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The Fin Free website provides a simple step-by-step process that will help you get started and will track your progress on the Fin Free Leaderboard where you will find other Fin Free activists. Don’t feel intimidated by the levels and tasks. Small steps count. Enjoy the journey and inspire others with your participation. That’s how our community will grow; and that’s how we can all join forces to save sharks.

You can track your Finfluence by completing actions and sharing and liking social media from the Fin Free Movement.

Enjoy doing your part to #SAVESHARKS! 

The movement to save sharks is underway - with the help of Finfluencers like you, we can take it to the next level. Finfluencers are engaged individuals committed to saving...  
"I Pledge to go FinFree"  
"It's time for world leaders from every level of government to Ban the Trade, Sale and Possession of Shark Fin Products."  
Thank you for watching the video!! This shortened 16 minute version of Sharkwater was built to fuel the #finfree revolution to #savesharks.  Would you consider hosting a screening to share...  
We are looking for passionate, dedicated and dynamic individuals to head up our regional efforts reduce the consumption and sale of shark products and to ban the trade of shark...  
How It Works Create your very own personal fundraising campaign. Give your campaign a name, set a fundraising goal, choose your custom slug, and launch your campaign. Share your personal...  
Share the Fin Free movement within your sphere of social influence. Together we can turn the tide for sharks!  
Get Involved
Get Involved