Can businesses and restaurants contribute to Fin Free?


Ethical practices to safeguard sharks, our oceans and our planet are not only the responsibility of individual people, but also the responsibility of business. That is why we encourage businesses and restaurants owners to go Fin Free and celebrate their achievements with a Fin Free Certification. Let us know if we can sign you up! ! If you know of a business or restaurant that is serving shark fin products and want to encourage responsible business practices, here are some resources to help:

  • Download our Restaurant Letter to ask the business owner to end the sale and trade of shark products.
  • If you don’t get the results you want, we encourage you to build community support with a business petition showing the owner that there is larger consumer demand for them to go Fin Free.
  • We advise all individuals and groups to speak with business owners in a friendly and respectful manner at all times.

Remember that the movement to ban shark fins is not based on race or nationality, and while the discussion might make some people feel uncomfortable, we are addressing the shark fin trade from all aspects. This includes consumers, businesses, retailers, shark fishermen, traders, lawmakers, fisheries experts and governmental agencies and most importantly, vulnerable sharks -- none of which are associated with one race or culture. Global awareness reflects the cultural shift we are seeing: people of all backgrounds want to protect sharks for generations to come.

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Can businesses and restaurants contribute to Fin Free?
Can businesses and restaurants contribute to Fin Free?